Landscaping Supplies on Highway 101 East Port Angeles

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Landscaping Supplies on Highway 101 East Port Angeles

Eastside Landscape is your resource for Landscaping Supplies in Port Angeles!  Come see us at 2532 East Highway 101.

Landscape Materials

Call me for prices! I can provide:

  • Topsoil
  • Drain rock
  • Gravel
  • Bark
  • and more!
Excavator Rentals

Excavator Rentals

I have two U-35 Zero-turn Excavators, each has a push blade, thumb, and your choice of bucket for all of your excavation needs.

It is a compact excavator built with extreme durability; the operator’s station is designed for comfort, visibility, and safety as well. Nimble enough for confined spaces and sturdy enough for variable terrain, it will help you complete all of your excavating needs.

Roller Rental

Roller Rental

This roller delivers exceptional compaction performance on asphalt and granular soils.  A wise choice for a user looking for versatility and productivity. Houses a reliable Honda GX630 engine with easy starting and exceptionally quiet operation.

Front Loader and Grader Rental

Front Loader with Grader Rental

With the power to tackle a wide range of jobs, this tractor combines robust performance and user-friendly features into one, easy-to-operate, compact tractor. The enhanced operator's deck features a spacious operator's platform for optimal comfort. The ergonomic design means that the operator experiences less fatigue. The semi-flat design of the deck makes mounting and dismounting the tractor easier.

Flatbed Rental

Flatbed Rental

14,000lb Equipment Hauling Flatbed Trailer with flush floor provides versatility and exceptional value. It's a tough and durable trailer with heavy-duty performance, without the added bells ands whistles you don't always need