Barreto 30-SG Stump Grinder

Barreto 30-SG Stump Grinder

Step up your stump grinding game with the Barreto 30-SG Stump Grinder, a robust and versatile machine engineered to tackle stumps of any size with unparalleled efficiency and precision. With its powerful 31 horsepower engine and user-friendly controls, this stump grinder stands as your ultimate solution for removing stumps with ease.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance: Powered by a 31 horsepower engine, the Barreto 30-SG Stump Grinder offers formidable grinding capabilities, ensuring efficient removal of stumps of any size with ease and precision.

  • Versatile Stump Grinding: Designed to grind stumps of any size, this stump grinder provides a versatile solution for landscaping, forestry, and construction applications, offering consistent performance across various stump sizes and conditions.

  • Easy Controls: Operate the track drive and cutter wheel with ease using the intuitive controls, facilitating smooth and precise maneuverability during stump grinding operations.

  • Time-Tested Track Design: Benefit from a time-tested track design that absorbs impact and provides stability, ensuring reliable performance and maneuverability in various terrains and conditions.

  • Center-Mounted Cutter Wheel: The center-mounted cutter wheel offers a 134º head swing, providing enhanced flexibility and maneuverability during stump grinding operations, ensuring optimal grinding results with minimal effort.

  • Engine-Driven Gear Pumps: Gear pumps coupled to the engine drive the cutter wheel, tilt, and swing, ensuring seamless operation and consistent performance during stump grinding tasks.

  • Counterbalance Valves: Equipped with counterbalance valves on each track drive, this stump grinder prevents motors from slipping, ensuring stability and reliability during operation, and minimizing wear and tear for long-lasting performance.


  • Efficiency: Maximize your productivity with the Barreto 30-SG Stump Grinder, engineered to deliver powerful and precise stump grinding capabilities for a wide range of applications.

  • Reliability: Built with durable materials and advanced engineering, this stump grinder offers long-lasting performance and reliability, ensuring consistent functionality for all your stump grinding needs.

  • Versatility: Whether tackling landscaping projects, forestry tasks, or construction applications, the Barreto 30-SG Stump Grinder adapts to various stump sizes and conditions, offering a versatile solution for your stump grinding operations.