Ground Hog ModelONE

Ground Hog ModelONE

Compact, Powerful, and Reliable

At Eastside Equipment Rental, we are pleased to offer the Ground Hog ModelONE Auger, a versatile and robust hand-held tool perfect for a wide range of drilling tasks. Designed for commercial, rental, and homeowner use, the ModelONE combines power, durability, and ease of use in a compact package.

Engineered for Durability and Strength

Ground Hog Inc. has been a trusted name in commercial earth drills for over 70 years, and the ModelONE continues this legacy with its robust construction and innovative design.

  • Durable Transmission: A 3-inch centrifugal clutch transfers the engine’s power to heat-treated billet steel gears, ensuring reliable performance. The sealed, grease-filled cast aluminum gear case is heavily reinforced with ribbing, making it incredibly strong without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Oversized Bearings: Used throughout the auger, these bearings ensure the transmission can handle torque, shock, and side stresses on the auger bit.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

The ModelONE is designed with the operator in mind, offering comfort, control, and ease of use.

  • Full Wrap-Around Handlebar: Features a thick, cushioned grip surface for comfort and control. The trigger-type, spring-return throttle allows for precise control, and a conveniently located kill switch ensures safety.
  • Compact Design: The handlebar and gear case are designed to make the machine as short as possible, allowing the operator to start digging a hole at a lower, more comfortable position.

Powerful Performance

Powered by a reliable Honda® GX35 4-Stroke engine, the ModelONE delivers ample power while minimizing strain on the operator.

  • Optimized Engine Torque and Gear Ratio: The engine torque, transmission gear ratio, and auger blade design work together to provide maximum digging power with less operator fatigue.
  • Versatile Auger Compatibility: The ModelONE has a 1-inch round auger drive and can handle up to an 8” auger bit, with available bits in 2”, 4”, 6”, and 8” diameters, all 36 inches long.

Innovative Auger Blades

The ModelONE auger bits feature a unique blade design that extends blade life significantly.

  • Rotatable Blades: Each blade can be rotated 180 degrees for a new cutting edge. Inner blades can be moved outward as the outer blades wear out, providing almost six times more life from a set of blades on an 8” bit.
  • Heavy-Duty Center Fishtail Pilot: Uses the same robust center pilot as Ground Hog’s Combo and Standard series augers, ensuring durability and ease of replacement.

Why Choose the Ground Hog ModelONE Auger?

The Ground Hog ModelONE Auger is a powerful, well-designed tool that combines durability, ease of use, and efficiency. Whether you're digging holes for fences, landscaping, or other projects, the ModelONE offers the performance and reliability you need.

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