Barreto 16 STK Trencher

Barreto 16 STK Trencher

Introducing the Barreto 16 STK Trencher, a powerhouse machine meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional trenching capabilities for a wide range of applications. With its robust 16 horsepower engine and versatile features, this trencher stands as your trusted partner for digging precise and efficient trenches with ease.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a 16 horsepower engine, the Barreto 16 STK Trencher offers formidable performance, ensuring reliable and efficient trenching operations for various projects and requirements.

  • Versatile Trenching Capabilities: Digs a 4-inch wide trench up to 24 inches deep, providing ample depth and width for a myriad of applications, from landscaping and construction to utility installations and more.

  • Adjustable Boom Tension: Easily adjust the boom tension as needed, ensuring optimal performance and precision during trenching operations, and adapting to changing soil conditions with ease.

  • Quick Access Hydraulics: Benefit from quick and convenient access to all hydraulics, facilitating easy maintenance and repair tasks and minimizing downtime for enhanced productivity.

  • Adjustable Trenching Controls (ATC): Utilizing rod linkage instead of cables, the ATC system offers precise and responsive control over trenching operations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in various terrains and conditions.

  • Independent Floating Track System: Adapt to diverse terrains effortlessly with the independent floating track system, providing stability and maneuverability in challenging environments and ensuring consistent performance across various surfaces.

  • Standard Electric Start: Enjoy the convenience of a standard electric start on all models, simplifying the startup process and ensuring reliable performance for all your trenching tasks.


  • Efficiency: Maximize your productivity with the Barreto 16 STK Trencher, engineered to deliver powerful and precise trenching capabilities for a wide range of applications.

  • Reliability: Built with durable materials and advanced engineering, this trencher offers long-lasting performance and reliability, ensuring consistent functionality for all your trenching needs.

  • Versatility: Whether tackling landscaping projects, utility installations, or construction tasks, the Barreto 16 STK Trencher adapts to various applications and requirements, offering a versatile solution for your trenching operations.