Barreto 3107C Chipper

Barreto 3107C Chipper

Elevate your chipping operations with the Barreto 3107C Chipper, a powerhouse machine meticulously crafted to handle branches up to 7 inches in diameter with unmatched efficiency and reliability. Featuring a robust 31 horsepower engine and user-friendly features, this chipper stands as your ultimate solution for processing branches with ease.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a 31 horsepower engine, the Barreto 3107C Chipper delivers formidable chipping capabilities, ensuring efficient processing of branches up to 7 inches in diameter with ease and precision.

  • Versatile Chipping Capabilities: Designed to handle branches up to 7 inches in diameter, this chipper provides a versatile solution for landscaping, forestry, and agricultural applications, offering consistent performance across various branch sizes and conditions.

  • Rugged, Heavy-Duty Design: Built with a rugged and heavy-duty design, the Barreto 3107C Chipper ensures durability and longevity, withstanding rigorous use and challenging conditions for long-lasting performance.

  • Standard Electric Start: Enjoy the convenience of a standard electric start, facilitating easy operation and minimizing startup time for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

  • Quick Access Ports: Benefit from quick access ports for easy servicing and repair, ensuring minimal downtime and facilitating efficient maintenance tasks for optimal performance and reliability.


  • Efficiency: Maximize your productivity with the Barreto 3107C Chipper, engineered to deliver powerful and precise chipping capabilities for a wide range of applications.

  • Reliability: Constructed with durable materials and advanced engineering, this chipper offers long-lasting performance and reliability, ensuring consistent functionality for all your chipping needs.

  • Versatility: Whether tackling landscaping projects, forestry tasks, or agricultural applications, the Barreto 3107C Chipper adapts to various branch sizes and conditions, offering a versatile solution for your chipping operations.